Why "The Win-Win Tennis Academy"

I am changing the name of the academy to The Win-Win Tennis Academy because this academy is not about me but is rather about a new way of approaching the game of tennis. That approach is to think win-win, to think mutual support, to always ask “how can I support both myself and others in a given situation” because the reality is that thinking win-win will always make always you a WINNER and thinking win-lose will always make you a LOSER. This is very well illustrated in my life to date.

From age 10 to 22, I wanted to be the best tennis player in the world. To accomplish this goal, I thought I had to operate from a win-lose mindset. I tried to train harder than everyone else which led to many injuries. I put a lot of pressure on myself to win which led to anxiety and tightness during my matches. Sometimes, I would call a ball out when I saw the ball in which led to enemies and bad calls in return. This win-lose approach prevented me from accomplishing my goal and caused me a great amount of unnecessary pain. 

      Law school was a big awakening for me. My first semester, without even realizing it, I operated from a win-win mindset. I studied hard but I also made time for rest. My attitude was one of curiosity and I studied just for the love of learning. I gave students my notes and in return they gave me their notes. Before my final exams, I did breathing and visualization techniques to calm down and focus. I had a very peaceful and fun semester.

      When I found out that I finished #2 in my class, I got this overwhelming feeling of pride. That false feeling of pride led me back into a win-lose mindset. During my second semester of law school, I took no days off. Instead of studying with curiosity, I studied with angst. I refused to help my classmates, so I got no help in return. When final exams approached, I was so burnt out and stressed out that I could not put in the necessary work. I had a miserable semester and dropped to #11 in my class. 

      Little did I know that experience was the most important experience in my life. It led me to books. In my third and fourth semester, law school took a second seat to reading. I started reading about anything I thought could be useful in my life. I eventually realized a common theme: Thinking win-win creates unlimited happiness and success for everyone. Thus, my goal is to create an academy where tennis players are taught to think win-win in the countless tennis situations where the norm is to think win-lose so that they can avoid the pitfalls I fell into and reach their full potential in tennis and life.

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