Tournament Training Clinic

Updated: Jun 23

This clinic is for USTA tournament players looking to achieve the highest ranking possible. The clinic will be 6-7:30 PM Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at Saint John’s High School. The session will run June 28th to July 29th. The price for one child once a week is $250, twice a week $500, and three times a week $750. All payment will be made in cash in an envelope with the player and parents name on it on the first training day. We recommend at least twice a week for optimal improvement.

There are 5 courts and will be 2-4 players per court. There will be 3 Head Teaching Pros (Christopher Ellis, Nick Ellis, and Nathan Lookwhy) and 2 Assistant Teaching Pros (including former High School District Champion Aryan Nijhawan). All coaches will teach the same technique: The WWTA Check Point System.

Players will be divided according to a ladder system. On the first day, Chris will make a ladder dividing the players 1-20. During the last 30 minutes, players will play competitive single matches. If the player wins, they will move up a court. If the player loses, they will move down a court. The purpose of the ladder system is to get the kids used to competitive competition and to have an objective system for court placement. The purpose is NOT to make kids feel superior or inferior to each other. The energy of The Academy will be mutually supportive at ALL TIMES, win or lose. Each player must read the WWTA Principals in The Story and Mission section and agree to embody Principal to be eligible for this clinic. Coaches will be helping the players bring awareness to Principal during competition.

In terms of layout, each session will begin with a 5 minute dynamic warmup. Then, the students will have 10 minutes to warm up all their strokes, replicating a tournament warm up. After, we will spend the next 45 minutes perfecting “the shot of the day.” Shots of the day will be different for each session. For this session, the 15 shots of the day are (1) the heavy and deep rally ball, (2) the penetrating approach shot, (3) the on-the-rise ball, (4) the inside-out killer forehand, (5) the put-away overhead, (6) the scissor kick deep overhead, (7) the high jumping kick serve to the opponent’s backhand, (8) the deuce short slice serve then forehand open court strategy, (9) the fast first serve flat tee serve, (10) the swinging volley, (11) the angle shot, (12) the buggy whip forehand (Rafa's favorite shot), (13) the backhand short slice, (14) the drop shot, and (15) the top spin lob. Then, we will spend 30 minutes playing singles matches that will mimic tournament matches. Coaches will help the students on (1) forming, implementing, and adjusting strategies, (2) handling common situations that arise during tournaments such as the proper way to handle wind, heat, line calls, and pressure, (3) technique, (4) shot selection including correctly implementing the shot of the day, and (5) most importantly, the embodiment of Principal.


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