The Importance of Your “I” in Tennis

Updated: May 28, 2020

Your “I” becomes your reality. You are the Magician and your “I” is a magic wand. Consistency using and feeling an “I” with unyielding belief in that “I” makes that “I” a reality in your physical world. So, how can we use this fact in tennis?

When your playing a match, pay careful attention to the self-talk in your head. How are you using your I? If you miss a couple of backhands, do you find yourself saying that your backhand sucks? If someone hits a winner against you, do you find yourself saying your too slow? Pay attention. Awareness is the key. An “I” cannot be changed if one does not know what their “I” currently is. Thus, the first step is to become aware of your current “I.” I recommend to take a mental note of every time you use “I” in a match, how that “I” made you feel, and what happened after you used that “I.” You may be surprised by what your current “I” is and the impact that your current “I” has on your tennis game.

Once your aware of your current “I’s,” separate all the “I’s” that do not benefit you. Take 15 minutes a day and visualize and FEEL those “I’s” the way you want those “I’s” to be. Then, make a total commitment to BE that I. In time, with awareness and commitment, your biology will make that new “I” your new reality.

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