Playing the Game Of Mutual Support Attracts W’s

Play the game of mutual support. It leads to overall happiness and W’s. Why else do we play tennis? Here’s an example:

When your opponent beats you make the intention to not be negative and instead smile and give him an authentic compliment on how well he played. You are not losing anything. You still can learn from your loss, move on, and improve. Your are gaining. Gaining a friend and maybe a future doubles partner or hitting partner.

Heres another example you might not of thought of. When you play in a tournament or match always try to beat your opponent as bad as you can. Why? When you try as hard as you can every second you will be forcing your opponent to raise his level. If he meets your challenge, then he is forcing you to raise your level even more. This pattern can go on and on. Its endless actually. However, for it to proceed, you need another person. You need mutual support.

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