Nutritional Law #1: Eat, Be Aware Of The Result, Adjust

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Many tennis players are confused about what to eat before, during or after tennis, and on days off. The answer is simple: Eat, examine how you feel, and adjust.

Let’s take for example what to eat before your match. Your goal is to feel energized. You read an article saying eggs are filled with protein and vitamins. However, you also read an article saying eggs have cholesterol and will give you a heart attack. So, what do you do? Well, does eating eggs before your matches make YOU feel good? Do you know? What about eating oatmeal before your matches? Does that make you feel good? Have you compared the difference between eating eggs and eating oatmeal? What about combining a little eggs with a little bit of oatmeal? Does that make you feel better than just eggs? My point is to BE AWARE. In many of these articles I will tell you what science says about nutrition and how I feel when I consume certain foods at certain times, but it is very likely you may not FEEL the same way.

So, try eggs and oatmeal before a match and during the match write down how your feeling. Do you feel tired? Or do you feel energetic? Do you feel satiated? Or did you lose energy quickly, feel the need to eat a snack that led to another snack that eventually led to an energy crash? Have a notebook. Be as descriptive as possible on the changeovers. The next time you have a match try a different meal. Over time, with awareness, you will know what foods to eat before your match that will provide reliable energy during your match. Now with this awareness, you are at an advantage.

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