Eat Less

Updated: May 28, 2020

Following Nutritional Law #1, I was shocked to find out that when I ate less I was happier and more energetic on the tennis court.

In general, I notice that when I eat too big a breakfast, especially if the breakfast includes sugar, I get immediately hungry right after the meal. At that point, I have two options. My first option is to stop eating and manage the hunger (low blood sugar) for the next couple of hours or so until I was satiated again (stable blood sugar). My second option was to eat more to fulfill my hunger. However, the more I ate, the hungrier I would get. Soon I would feel tired with a huge stomach ache. So, I started to fast in the morning and not eat my first meal until about 11 AM. Once my body adjusted to this new strategy, I started to notice that I felt lighter, more energized, and happier than I ever have been in the mornings. I later found out that science supported my personal experience as you can see in the graph above. Thus, my new eating strategy is to eat the least amount of food possible while still maintaining lean muscle mass and feeling great on the court.

This nutritional law can be applied to tennis in numerous ways and I will write many articles on its applications. But lets take the example of eating and drinking during your match. I used to eat tons of energy bars and gels during changeovers and always wonder why I would feel weak in my matches and then have an energy crash after my match. Now, I do not eat anything during my matches until I truly need it. Once I truly need it, I’ve learned from Nutritional law #1 that HU Chocolate is my go-to fuel for energy. 4 pieces of a HU bar provides me with stable energy for at least two hours and it is delicious. Thus, in conclusion, I recommend to slowly eat less. Ironically, you might find out that you have more energy and focus.

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