High School Preparatory Clinic

Updated: Feb 23

The high school tennis season is upon us and this clinic is designed to get you to where you want to be come tennis season!

The session begins March 3rd and ends March 20th, the day right before tryouts. The classes will be held at The Shrewsbury Club with the possible exception of the last weekend that may be outdoors weather depending. No membership is required. All that is required is that players pay full session cost on the first day of the session in cash put in an envelope with the player's name on it.

Each clinic will start with a 5 minute dynamic warm up to get you warmed up and to prevent injuries. Then, you will be matched up with a player and do a 10 minute match style warm up that will replicate the warm up in high school tennis matches. The next 45 minutes will be dedicated to mastering a crucial shot in high school tennis. Such shots will include the top spin rally ball, the killer ball, slices, deep volleys, short volleys, overheads, lobs, flat serves, kick serves, slice serves, and the return of serve. The last 30 minutes will be dedicated to matches that will replicate challenge matches. The most common mistake I see is that players come to tryouts unprepared for competitive matches and once they play a challenge match they get nervous and do not produce their best tennis. These last 30 minutes are designed to make sure you feel confident and prepared come challenge match time.

Below is the schedule. I recommend at least twice a week for optimal improvement. Each class is $50. Please send me the amount of days you want to do per week and all possible dates you can do by February 25th (Friday) by Midnight. I will then organize the exact schedule and send you all the information. I look forward to helping you achieve you high school tennis goals!

High School Preparatory Clinic Schedule

March 3rd (Thursday): 3:30-5 PM

March 4th (Friday): 3:30-5 PM

March 5th (Saturday): 1-2:30 PM

March 10th (Thursday): 3:30-5 PM

March 11th (Friday): 3:30-5 PM

March 12th (Saturday): 3:30-5 PM

March 13th (Sunday): 3:30-5 PM

March 17th (Thursday): 3:30-5 PM

March 18th (Friday): 3:30-5 PM

March 19th (Saturday): 3:30-5 PM if indoors. If Weather +50 (1-2:30 PM) outdoors

March 20th (Sunday): 3:30-5 PM if indoors. If Weather +50 (1-2:30 PM) outdoors

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