What I Eat and Drink During My Tennis Match

Updated: May 28, 2020

 In this article I describe exactly what I eat and drink when playing tennis to have the most energy for my match!.

Water, Chocolate, Fruits, and Nuts

I used to drink a sugary processed electrolyte drink (Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, etc.), drink water, and nibble on a carbohydrate (fruit, energy gels, energy gummies, etc.). Through Chris Ellis Tennis Academy Nutritional Law #1, I realized that this eating and drinking strategy included way too much sugar! Consuming an abundant amount of sugar spiked my energy but was always followed by a sudden drop in energy.

I have found with myself and the players that I train that the solution includes drinking more water and consuming less sugar. Here is my current eating and drinking strategy on the tennis court.

  1. I drink three or four big gulps of water with added electrolytes: I lose a lot of water when I play tennis so I always make sure to drink at least a couple big gulps of water. I also lose electrolytes when I sweat. Thus, I always add an Electrolyte Add-In into my water. I find that adding an electrolyte add-in into my water is a great way to replenish my electrolytes without having to drink sugary drinks. Here is the website of a high quality Electrolyte Add-In I use during my matches: https://elete.com/products/

  2. I eat a small amount of a healthy snack only if I really need the energy: Examples of healthy snacks include dark chocolate, nuts, sweet potato, and fruit. My go-to snack is HU Bars. I find that 4 pieces of a HU dark chocolate bar provides me with an abundant amount of energy for a couple of hours.

In conclusion, I drink mostly water with added electrolytes and include healthy snacks as needed to have reliable energy for my match!

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