July Adult Session

Updated: Jul 9

This session begins June 10th and ends August 28th. The class will be Saturday 8-9:30 AM at Saint John’s High School. Players pay per session on the first day of the session in cash put in an envelope with the players name on it. The entire session (8 classes) is $400 per player.

This clinic is for adults at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. Players will be divided according to level. There will be one teaching professional per court.

Each clinic will start with a 5 minute dynamic warmup that will improve your mobility, flexibility, quickness, and strength.

Then, the teaching professional will demonstrate the technique of the “shots of the day.” Shots that will be covered for the beginning players include top spin and flat forehands, top spin and flat backhands, volleys, overheads, and flat serves. Shots that will be covered for the intermediate players include top spin, flat, and slice ground strokes, volleys, overheads, top spin serves, slice serves, and flat serves. Shots that are covered for the advance players will include top spin rally balls, top spin angle shots, the “killer” shot, deep/short slices, drive/short volleys, swinging volleys, overheads, flat serves, top spin serves, short angle top spin serves, and slice serves. We will master the technique of each shot through feeding drills, live drills, and games. Then, we will play matches where coaches will work with you on implementing the shot of the day, tennis strategy/shot selection, and mindset. You can expect to (1) learn new technical and strategic skills that will improve your tennis game, (2) have a great time, and (3) get a good workout in.

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