In Matches Focus On Listening To The Sound Of The Ball

Updated: May 28, 2020

In matches the “talking self” often comes in. Sometimes it worries about a shot you just missed. Sometimes it worries about the present point. Sometimes it worries about future points and even what will happen after the match. They key to staying good mentally is distracting this talking self by focusing its attention on one specific task. I find that focusing on the sound of the ball is the best distraction.

When you are in a match, keep most of your attention on the sound of the ball. Your attention is on trying to make as crisp a sound as you can. When you do this, your body will naturally take the right size back swing, naturally move its feet in the right place, and naturally hit the ball out in front.

Its amazing what your body can do when your mind is distracted. Distract your mind, listen to the sound of the ball, and watch your game improve.

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