How to Win Matches: Get Good At Entering “Flow States”

Updated: May 28, 2020

The key to winning matches is entering a flow state where the mind is quiet and your body is naturally “doing its thing.” The only thinking you should be doing is strategy formation. You should be constantly reflecting without attachment on what is going on and what you can do to be successful. But form no. That should be programmed in practice. Imagine all the times you played great? Were you thinking? Or were you playing “out of” your mind?

Here are a couple ways you can increase your odds of entering a flow state.

(1): The Sound of the Ball: Listen to the sound of the ball and try to hear a crisp sound every time. If it’s a rally ball your trying to hit, hear the pop as the ball spins of your racket. If it’s a first serve, listen to that loud crackle sound. Amazingly, when your mind is focused on listening to a crisp sound, the body will naturally produce all the mechanics of the stroke to produce that sound. Your body is smart. Focus on the sound of the ball, and let your body do its thing.

(2): Embody A “Player Frequency” (AKA a “vibe”): Pick a Professional player you like. Then, embody the vibe of that character. Walk on the court as Roger or Serena would. Get in the return stance that Novak Djokovic would. Personally, I try to embody the rhythm and ease of Roger on my service games then the explosiveness, awareness, and feet of Novak Djokovic on my return games.

(3): Focus On A “Technical Frequency”: On a second serve big point, I like to focus on the acronym “smooth energy up.” This means that my attention is on hitting a serve with a lot of energy upwards while keeping my torso and head quiet. I find that when I do this, it is usually a deep kick serve with energy. Find a “technical frequency” that works for you on the serve. Maybe, its keeping your head up or exploding upwards with the legs.

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