How To Use Carbs Strategically

Updated: May 28, 2020

You technically do not need carbs at all. Your body can learn to run on ketones. However, you can use carbs strategically, especially if your looking to gain muscle mass.

Essentially, carbs are energy. There’s fast-running carbs such as chocolate or fruit that provide quick and strong energy. Then, there’s low-running carbs such as sweet potatoes, rice, and pasta that provide long-term stable energy.

How to use this information strategically? Well, if your at school or the office all day lessen your carbs. Your sitting and do not need energy. If your hungry/weak right before your match eat some fruit/nuts/chocolate then drink water with electrolytes. After your match or the night before your match have sweet potatoes or pasta. If your about to go to bed, avoid carbs. You do not need energy when you sleep lol.

Of course, these are all suggestions from my personal experience. The main skill to develop with carbs is awareness. Be aware of how you feel when you eat a certain carb at a certain time in a certain amount. Be aware if your gaining fat. Be aware if your gaining muscle. Be aware if your inflammation increases or decreases. Everyone is different.

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