Food Item Of The Week: Wild Mackerel

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Benefits of Wild Mackerel

- Rich in omega 3’s = fights inflammation, improves bone and joint health, provides mental clarity, improves sleep, promotes skin clarity, improves vision, fights depression and anxiety.

- Good Protein = crucial for muscle development and energy production.

- Low Mercury Levels = No toxicity unlike other fish like tuna.

- Vitamins = a Ton. Here are 5 out of the 24 of the vitamins and mineral that one fillet of Mackerel contains.

o 163 percent of vitamin B12 = Helps bone health, improves mood and symptoms of depression, helps memory, increases energy, supports healthy skin.

o 101 percent of vitamin D = Most Americans are deficient. The body needs vitamin D to balance calcium levels: a process that helps to create strong and healthy bones.

o 71% of selenium: Selenium is an antioxidant. It supports a healthy immune system and good cognitive function. It also decreases inflammation.

o 22% Phosphorus, 19% Magnesium, 9% Potassium: Among other effects these electrolytes help muscle recovery and prevent cramping

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