Food Item Of The Week: Huevos Rancheros by Lesser Evil

The food item of the week is.....Huevos Rancheros..... Sometimes your just feeling chips...These chips offer the same crunch and tang as chips but without any of the health eroding consequences. Snack smart. Here are the ingredients.

  • Organic Cassava Flour: Cassava is a tuber vegetable. Although it does not deliver the same nutritional value as other tuber vegetables, it is a good source of vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. It is also a good source of resistant starch which is good for gut health and inflammation.

  • Cage-Free NON-GMO Dried Egg Whites: Although most of the micronutrients of eggs are in the yolk, egg whites are a low calorie and high-quality protein meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids.

  • Organic Tapioca Native Starch/Organic Tapioca Solids: Tapioca is a starch extracted from cassava root. It is mostly carbs and contains very little protein, fiber, or nutrients. However, it contains no anti-nutrients and contains resistant starch.

  • Nutritional Yeast: Nutritional Yeast is a fungus and despite how unappetizing that sounds, we eat fungi such as mushrooms all the time. It has RNA which has been shown to reduce inflammation. Overall, it is low in nutrients but does contain any anti-nutrients, which means it can be safely eaten without any adverse effects.

  • Organic Avocado Oil: Check out my article below above the amazing benefits of avocados.

  • Himalayan Crystal Salt: Of the electrolytes, potassium gets all the attention, even though sodium is just as important. Studies show that sodium loading before exercising reduces the physiological strain of the subsequent training and increases exercise capacity. You can play tennis harder, longer, and more effectively with sufficient sodium in your diet. @marksisson @novakdjockavic

  • Organic Spices: Organic Onion Powder, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Green Bell Pepper, Organic Flavor, Organic Jalapeño Pepper Powder, Organic Spices

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