Focus on Having a High Vibration

We are energy. All energy has a vibration. The higher the vibration the more energy. Given these facts, all of us tennis players have an obligation to focus on having a high vibration. If you cannot feel your vibration yet, the easiest way to get in tune with it is by doing the Wim Holf breathing method. The elevated amounts of oxygen in your body immediately raise your vibration so that you can feel it.

What else raises your vibration? Being in nature, eating wholesome real foods in moderation, having a divergent focus, feeling the outside of your body, being aware of the perfection of everything, walking a lot, resting when needed, being around good company, doing high intensity training, deep breathing, love, being inspired. These are just a few that come to mind.

Having a high vibration has many important tennis benefits. It is the key to controlling your feelings, entering the flow state, being present, being able to critically think under pressure, and having energy. In essence, it is the key to being the controller instead of the controlled. Have your attention on having a high vibration.

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