Do I Only Eat Healthy?

Updated: May 28, 2020

No. The ATP and WTA player sometimes eat unhealthy too. I know and respect people that only eat healthy but why would I only eat healthy if I can sometimes eat unhealthy and feel good.

I am strategic when it comes to unhealthy food. I basically follow two rules. (1) Is there a healthy alternative to the junk food that will give me the same satisfaction? For example, instead of eating candy or chocolate cake, I eat HU Bars or Alter Eco Chocolate Balls. It gives me the same satisfaction yet is 100 times healthier. I do not drink soda. Instead, I sometimes drink Zevia. Its flavored with Stevia, a healthy sweetener. Tastes similar.

(2) If there’s no alternative or if I do not feel like eating an alternative, I ask can I strategically eat the junk food in a way where I still feel/look good? I am not willing to give up feeling good for 15 minutes of physical pleasure. I am dedicated to feeling my best on the court at all times. However, if I can get 15 minutes of physical pleasure without giving up feeling good, why not? By looking and listening to my body, I’ve figured out a way to eat pizza and still feel great on a second to second basis. Through awareness, see if you can sometimes eat a certain junk food you like and still feel good. If not, then only eat healthy. Your really not missing out…. Food can add to happiness if used strategically but it is NOT happiness itself.

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