Distress is Bad, Eustress is Good

As a tennis player, look for as much eustress as possible while completely avoiding distress. Distress refers to harmful stimuli that makes you weaker, less confident, and less able. Overtraining, binge eating on unhealthy food, criticizing your opponent when you think he/she made a bad call, being in a state of negativity after you lose a match, being in a state of tension before your match, are all examples of distress.

Eustress, on the other hand, is stress that is healthy (“EU” in Greek means healthy). Doing mobility work, doing shadow box swings, taking cold showers, visualizing success, reading inspiring books, doing different breathing techniques, lifting, sprinting, and yoga are all examples of eustress. Successful tennis players embrace eustress because they know eustress is the secret to growth. Create as much eustress as you can and watch your tennis game grow.

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