Coaches Training Videos June and July

The 6 Point System: Warm up, technique, feeding, rallying, game, final fun game.

Warm Up Game #1: Ups and Downs

Warm Up Game #2: Relay Race

Warm Up Game #3: Catepillar

Technique: Forehand and Backhand Check Points (Do before ground stroke feeding/games)

Technique Volley Check Points. Do before volley games

Overhead Check Points.

Feeding Drill #1: Lateral Feeding. Coach on deuce side: forehands. Coach on add side: backhands

Feeding Drill #2: Forehand and Backhand Feeding. Add and deuce side coaches doing same.

Feeding Drill #3: Forehand, Backhand, Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley, Overhead

Feeding Drill #4: Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley, Overhead

Rally with the Pro Groundstrokes

Volley With The Pro

Game #1: Hatrick

Game #2: Overhead Zing

Game #3: Jail

Game #4: Hit and Catch

Game #5: King of the Court Singles and Doubles

Game #6: Cone Catching Game

Game #7: Alligator

Game #8: The Name Game

Game #9: Beat the Pro Doubles

Game #10: Volley to Volley Beat the Pro Doubles

Game #11: Sharks and Minnows


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