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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

To be a WWTA Coach, each coach must teach in a state of INSPIRATION. Look at each kid and (1) inspire them with enthusiastic energy and (2) make them into as good a tennis player as possible!

The 6 Point System: (1) Warm Up (2) Show the Check Points (3) Feed and Fix the Strokes (4) Rally with the Pro on Court 2 and Court 3 (Advanced Kids). Game for Court 1 (Young Kids), (5) Game, (6) Final fun game

Warm Up Game #1: Ups and Downs (Use on all three courts)

Warm Up Game #2: Relay Race (use on Court 1 and Court 2)

Warm Up Game #3: Catepillar (Use on all three courts).

Technique: Forehand and Backhand Check Points (Do before ground stroke feeding and ground stroke games)

Technique Volley Check Points. Do before volley feeding and volley games

Overhead Check Points. (Do before overhead feeding and overhead games)

Feeding Drill #1: Moving Forwards Ground Stroke Feeding. Coach on deuce side feeds forehands. Coach on add side feeds backhands. Then, after 5 mins, switch the kids, so the kids get forehand and backhand feeding.

Feeding Drill #2: Forehand and Backhand Feeding. Add and deuce side coaches feed forehands and backhands. So, do not have to switch kids. 10 Mins.

Feeding Drill #3: Forehand, Backhand, Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley, Overhead. Use this feeding drill for Courts 2 and Courts 3. Must show technique to all shots before doing this feeding drill.

Feeding Drill #4: Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley, Overhead. Do before volley and overhead games.

Rally with the Pro Groundstrokes: Do for Court 2 and Courts 3. The key is that the kids learn how to rally!

Volley With The Pro: Do before volley games.

Game #1: Hatrick (Court 2 and Court 3)

Game #2: Overhead Zing (All courts). A great finisher game.

Game #3: Jail (All courts).

Game #4: Hit and Catch (Court 1)

Game #5: King of the Court Singles and Doubles (Court 2 and Court 3). If under 4 kids do King of the Court Singles. If over 4 kids do King of the Court Doubles.

Game #6: Cone Catching Game (Court 1 and maybe Court 2)

Game #7: Alligator (Court 1, Court 2, and maybe Court 3)

Game #8: The Name Game (Court 1, Court 2, and maybe Court 3).

Game #9: Beat the Pro Doubles (Court 2 and Court 3).

Game #10: Volley to Volley Beat the Pro Doubles (Court 2 and Court 3)

Game #11: Sharks and Minnows (Court 1 and Court 2)


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