Change Negative Language to Positive Language.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

A universal law is that talking, feeling, thinking, and doing make up your reality. Since talking makes up part of your reality, you need to be aware of the language you are using on the court. Negative language produces negative results. So, if you find yourself using negative language, be aware of it, and change it to positive language. For example, you miss a backhand and find yourself saying “why is my backhand so bad today.”, stop yourself, be aware that you are indeed harming yourself, and change the language to benefit yourself such as “my backhand is world-class everyday.” When you do this, you are subconsciously programming your body to develop a world class backhand. The truth is that you are not a victim to the day but are instead an all-powerful creator second by second. Acknowledge this truth, and make it your daily practice to be aware of negativity and change it to positivity. 

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